Analysis and optimization of snow removal routes in the City of Shawinigan

situation4Exhibitor at the Vision Géomatique 2014,  event, Intelli3 also contributed by presenting two conferences on projects conducted with partner cities. The first, related to the Analysis and optimization of snow removal routes project at the City of Shawinigan explains how the City was able to optimally dispatch the snow removal work between teams and machines, and to analyze overall fleet performance in the field during snow removal operations, in real-time and also at the end of each season and over many years using Map4Decision.


The objective of the project was to perform analyses and produce reports using indicators such as the rate of use of snow plows, the cleared area, the total distance traveled, the amount of work per team, per operation, and per year, in order to improve future 2014-2015 snow removal operations.

The presentation slides are available (in French) here.

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