Cross Border International Commerce Location Intelligence Analysis

At the 48th Congrès de l’Association Québécoise du Transport et des Routes (AQTr) on March 27 2013, Intelli3 presented, in collaboration with the, Service de la prospective et des stratégies de Transport Québec, a conference on, Cross border International Commerce Location Intelligence Analysis.

This conference presented the data integration project using Intelli3’s Intelligence Mapping solution Map4Decision.

You will find in this blog, the conference extract, the slides and a video of the application in action.


The prospective and strategies’ section is part of the Planning department at Transport Québec, which in turn reports to the Transportation policies and security department at Transport Québec.  This section is responsible for the prospective aspects, of the offer and demand factors and of all the integrated multimodal projects at the national level, including the long term vision and the measures and strategies required in order to meet the different challenges in the transportation domain.

This section expressed the need to use the functionalities offered by Map4Decision location intelligence solution in order to exploit the different data sets on international, cross borders and interprovincial commerce.

Map4Decision, which development and evolution was supported over the years by the Quebec Department  of Transportation,  has already been used in order to fine-tune the Maritime transportation, people urban mobility and the inter cities trucking flow applications framework.

The location Intelligence approach will maximize the databases exploitation potential, and rationalize the management and processing of data.  The different representations as well as the transportation flows visualization functionalities (origin/destinations matrixes and flow maps) will offer and efficient and dynamic mean to acquire knowledge on the Quebec exchanges template and their evolution. It will also allow increased efficiency in the analysis of the commerce trends and in responding to the partner’s requests.

Diapositives (in French only):Analyse géodécisionnelle en commerce international from Marie-Josée Proulx- Intelli3




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